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  The booming development of China has lead to a great rush and grand demand for Chinese-learning in the world. In light of this, TLI has developed the internet education platform and management system, which are sustainable and developing, to support the Chinese education of global enterprises and language schools.

The cooperation of TLI with company customers

To start using the Chinese qualifying online test with TLI’s professional standards
To rent the TLI online global conference center to cooperative enterprises
To provide enterprises with global staff training by way of the TLI internet platform
To design various specialized curriculums favorable for developing businesses into enterprises
To provide various methods of internet education, such as one-to-one or one-to-many
To have the two study methods – TLI internet education and local face-to-face education – complement each other 

The cooperation of TLI-online with global language schools

TLI provides the resource of an online classroom platform
TLI provides the online management system to support each training center in independent management and assessment
TLI provides Chinese teachers of each language school with online training
TLI provides each training center with support; training centers could instruct with unique curriculum by using the TLI platform with their customers
TLI provides students of language schools with support to experience learning in China

The cooperation of TLI-online with global schools

TLI provides global schools with online classroom resources
TLI provides online classroom resources and one-to-many education methods
TLI provides schools with support to help them to instruct their own curriculum to students through use of the TLI platform
TLI provides students with support through summer and winter camps in China
TLI provides Chinese teachers with online training

The cooperation of TLI-online with companies interested in becoming TLI global regional agencies

TLI provides general agents in countries or regions lacking TLI branches with support to develop secondary channels
TLI provides constituent centers with global advertising and resource assistance


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