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TLI-China Online

   TLI-China Online, a member of the TLI family, is a global educational institute. As an important adjunct to face-to-face instruction, TLI-China Online is a reproduction of the global online teaching mode. As with many other current teaching websites, TLI offers learners from all walks of life a virtual classroom accompanied by the novelty of multimedia gadgetry and network convenience. TLI, however, maintains the spirit of providing quality education in the form of real-time, real-person, and face-to-face interaction.

TLI-China Online has the following unique features:
1. Teaching Model: Real-person, real-time, and one-to-one online instruction is the key model of TLI-Chinaonline with online multi-media e-learning as the assistant.
2. Professional Online Classroom Platform: Trainees can practice listening, speaking, and writing, as well as watch videos, use the display blackboard, record, share desktops, transfer files, take tests, and chat with instructors at their convenience. The platform system – at present, the most professional and most advanced teaching platform on the globe – supports the teaching mode of both one-to-one and small groups
3. Student's Online Class Self-management Software: Students can manage their accounts, order and reschedule classes, as well as provide assessments of teaching quality, any time.
4. TLI Press Textbooks for Online Learning. A series of functional materials in an attractive multimedia format, suitable for teaching online in different languages, has been developed through the adaptation of TLI's reputable current texts.
5. Professional Faculties: Teachers not only hold undergraduate degrees in Chinese education or related fields, but have also completed TLI's in-house training and are all recipients of TLI certification.
6. Study Both Online and Face to Face:
To benefit trainees of all kinds, every TLI center will now offer two options – face-to-face or online teaching. TLI learners can enjoy studying Chinese in a real classroom while additionally receiving priority status for use of the e-classroom, an internet service which can be utilized to complete unfinished courses or, after students have returned to their home countries, to study at the next level. 

We commit ourselves to the delivery and maintenance of TLI-China Online, preserving the position TLI holds as the best language study provider for over 50 years. We believe TLI's online training will reach out to millions of learners and spread the name of TLI even further. As a gem in the field of Chinese language education, TLI-China Online, ushering in a new era for TLI, will embrace the challenges of globalization with you: our treasured learner.
 A Brief Introduction to Taipei Language Institute

TLI (Taipei Language Institute), a pioneer in the field of teaching Chinese as a foreign language, can pride itself on a number of impressive accomplishments since its founding in 1956. The institute has developed a series of distinctive teaching approaches, learning materials and assessment standards. TLI has over ten branch centers: located in San Francisco (US), Toronto (Canada), Tokyo (Japan), and in major cities of mainland China such as Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Suzhou, Dalian and Guangzhou, as well as in the Taiwanese cities of Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung. TLI also boasts its own press (TLI Publishing House), where numerous Chinese teaching materials (in various editions and languages for different nationalities), reference books, dictionaries, and the bilingual periodical Language Interaction, have been published independently. Over the past 50 years, more than 200, 000 students from across the world have chosen TLI for training. Many of them have become bilingually expert in the fields of business, politics, academia, journalism, law, and evangelism. TLI has won great respect as one of the most authoritative Chinese language training institutes. For details, please refer to the introduction to TLI’s rich history, presented in six languages, at 

TLI has been named by China News as one of the "Top 10 Language Schools Worldwide", an indication of the extent to which TLI is respected as a world-class language education provider. TLI is clearly highly esteemed by the global academic community and commercial enterprises. With TLI's eminence, rich history, unique teaching methodologies, innovative methods of instruction, up-to-date teaching materials, great academic research capacities, rich global alumni resources, widely-established connections, and – most importantly – provision of great service, TLI is unparalleled in the field of teaching Chinese as a foreign language. With open arms, TLI welcomes all individuals interested in Chinese instruction – whether from Spain, Germany, France, South Korea or the rest of the world – to become part of the TLI family through use of the online teaching centers. It is our sincere hope that we will succeed in attracting individuals from around the globe to the study of Chinese and Chinese culture. Connect the world to China and help China reach out to the world!

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