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TLI-China Online Bookstore
To ensure the best study results, TLI-Chinese online produces two online studying methods to meet different study requests: website e-learning for "Before & after the class", and word file books for "In the class" studying. In addition, TLI-Chinese online bookstore offers TLI press' two dictionaries.
TLI Published Chinese Dictionary
The Modern Chinese Cross-strait Dictionary
Demonstrates the differences in Chinese language as spoken by people on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. Traditional and simplified Chinese characters, as well as the two types of phonetic symbols are shown side by side, facilitating communication between people across the Taiwan Strait. A handy reference book for all foreigners.
Price: 60 US$+ shipping fee ( 50 US$ )
Taiwanese-English Dictionary
(Also called A Dictionary of Southern Min) Contains a large amount of specialized vocabulary. Aimed at satisfying the needs of college students learning Chinese.Including numerous examples and giving Kuoyu equivalents for each expression, this is a handy reference text for foreign learners with a basic knowledge of Chinese language.
Price: 50 US$+ shipping fee ( 50 US$ )

Word file books for "In the class". For students who have purchased the online real teacher classes. Student can download the word file book after paying. If students want to take notes in the class, they will need to print out the book by themselves. Price: 20 US$ for each book. We have five series with more than twenty five books covering different levels; we only list some books here.  Please register with us to get more details.

For "Before & After the Class", students can purchase our online e-learning courses  to meet different needs. All e-learning courses are offered for students who has purchased online real teacher classes.

For the student who wants online study. .After class, students can repeat, simulate, and practice, following along with the teacher's sample reading. Your family members can study together with you.Complete course is offered.
100 USD. 6 month period of validity.

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