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TLI-China Online's One-to-One Live Chinese Teaching Service Agreement
TLI–China Online is a professional online classroom platform providing a one-to-one, live teaching model. TLI will make a study plan for trainees after they have paid tuition and booked classes. All the study plans are to be taken seriously: teachers will stand by online awaiting students and start teaching on time, just as in a real, face-to-face classroom. Please read the agreement below carefully before you book TLI-China Online one-to-one classes.

TLI's rights
  1. TLI reserves the right to change teachers in the event of certain circumstances (such as a teacher’s illness). If necessary, TLI will try its best to request permission from students and inform students about the replacement of teachers before the class.
  2. In the case of natural disasters or unpredictable events that result in network breakdown or interruption (such as earthquakes or flooding), and which prevent the online teaching from beginning at the specified time, TLI shall not bear responsibility for breach of contract and shall not pay damages. However, TLI shall be responsible for providing classes to compensate for the missed classes as soon as possible, once systems have been restored.
  3. If classes aren't available owing to Chinese holidays or international holidays, TLI-China Online will give special notice in advance, through the website. As long as trainees book courses through the platform systems, classes will commence as usual, even on the occasion of important Chinese or international holidays. However, customized classes may be unavailable during the holidays, and all customized classes will only be valid after they have been confirmed by the office.
  4. Please take appropriate care of your login ID. Trainees are expected to not lend their ID to others. All classes that have been booked must be taken by the registered individual, and cannot be transferred to others. If trainees disobey the agreement, TLI reserves the right to freeze the trainees’ student accounts without reimbursement of tuition.
  5. Unauthorized copying of the software, e-books, teaching materials, and documentation, and the selling of these to others through various channels, is illegal and forbidden. If these activities are discovered, TLI reserves the right to prosecute.
Teaching quality guarantee and supervision system
  1. All TLI-Online teachers not only possess relevant Chinese professional university backgrounds, with proficiency in at least one foreign language, but have also accepted professional training with regards to TLI’s unique teaching methods, gaining qualification after examination.
  2. All TLI teachers will conscientiously prepare for lessons and treat each trainee with the utmost concern and respect so as to uphold the standards of TLI's brand name.
  3. If trainees opt to study through TLI after consultation, TLI will appoint an experienced counselor to each trainee. This counselor will be responsible for making an individual curriculum and study plan according to the trainee's specific circumstances. The counselor will participate in the whole study process and will oversee the trainee's study progress and the effectiveness and quality of the training.
  4. TLI requires its teachers to observe and imitate experienced trainers' teaching, and our teachers will frequently give public classes to learn from each other, thereby ensuring improvements in teaching quality.
  5. Students' regular after-class assessment will offer an important basis for the evaluation and supervision of teaching quality.
  6. All teachers are required to conduct online teaching at the site of TLI's e-classrooms, unless during special periods or for special reasons – allowing TLI to offer a more stable network. Moreover, a professional classroom attitude is hereby guaranteed.
Change of teachers
To let students benefit from different teachers’ characteristics, TLI-China Online may arrange different teachers during one course. However, all trainees have the right to apply for a change of teacher without paying extra money. Should a trainee require this service, he/she should contact the office staff through e-mail, explaining requirements and specifying reasons for the change.
  1. TLI-China Online uses PayPal as the main charge system. PayPal can be utilized with a variety of credit cards. Be assured that all personal information is stored and processed through the PayPal Company and not TLI. Please contact the office of TLI-China Online if other means of payment are required.
  2. Enrollment handling charge: all trainees are required to pay the enrollment handling charge before their first class. The enrollment handling charge should be paid along with tuition fees but will be charged separately. The enrollment handling charge may be one of two types:
    1) Ordinary enrollment handling charge – $15: students can take classes within 15 working days after the date of payment.
    2) Special enrollment handling charge – $25: classes can commence within 7 working days after the date of payment.
  3. TLI adopts payment rules requiring advanced payment. Trainees can choose the following two ways to pay:
    Payment methods
    1) Payment according to a trainee's courses: trainees shall pay for the time units of the courses and the study materials they have selected after selections are completed.

    2) Payment by Course Card: at present, TLI China Online provides 4 types of Course Cards with values of 50, 70, 100, or 200 time units. Trainees choose preferred values according to their circumstances. Time units will be available to students based on the Course Card selected. See details below:

    Pay Value of Membership Card Trainees Buy Actual Time Units Trainees Get
    50 time units 55 time units
    70 time units 80 time units
    100 time units 120 time units
    200 time units 250 time units


  4. If a student's time units have been used up before the completion of a course (for example, if additional classes were arranged, lessons were repeated, or tests were required), a student can buy extra time units after reaching an agreement with his/her teacher.
  5. Tuition fees: standard tuition fees are presented on the "Courses and Charges" page of the website
Study Materials
  1. TLI does not sell study materials apart from courses, with the exception of certain dictionaries. Study materials will not be sold to trainees before the purchase of relevant courses.
  2. If TLI study counselors recommend several courses to trainees and trainees accept these recommendations, trainees shall purchase the relevant study materials.
  3. If teachers and trainees discover, after a week of study, that courses are unsuitable, trainees can change courses after their study counselor has agreed to the changes. However, TLI will not provide a refund for study materials already sold. In addition, trainees will buy new study materials for new courses.
  4. TLI-China Online only provides e-books, and trainees should print paper books by themselves if they so desire. After a trainee has paid for tuition fees and study materials, the trainee can download e-books on the student platform, or a teacher can send a book by e-mail.
Booking classes
TLI-China Online provides 3 types of classes and trainees can book classes on the "I want to choose a course" page after login. The 3 types of classes are as below.
  1. One-to-One Classes —— TLI standard classes
    The TLI-China Online office will post the standard schedule for the present and following month. The 5th of each month is the day on which schedules will be posted. TLI's One-to-One Classes will be provided 7 days a week, from 08:00 to 21:00. The classes will start on the hour and last for 50 minutes. There is a 10 minute break between one class and the next. The actual available study times are on the schedule posted on the TLI website.

    If trainees book classes three days in advance, they can do it through the platform system, at no extra charge for the booking. If trainees book within two days in advance, the booking cannot be made by utilizing platform systems. Instead, trainees must use the "Customized Classes" function – shown on the same page – to submit their specific schedule, or trainees must contact the TLI-China Online office to book. Utilizing either method, students are required to pay extra fees for the service. Please consult the standard service charges below.

  2. Group Classes
    TLI will provide Group Classes periodically, according to trainees' needs. The information with regards to Group Classes will be published on the first page of TLI-China Online. To guarantee teaching quality, Group Classes have an upper limit of trainee numbers, which is 3.

    Group Classes will take place provided there are 2 or more applicants, and the classes will be charged according to the actual number of trainees. Should there be only one applicant, the TLI office will contact the applicant to ask whether he or she would like to have the class and pay for it as a One-to-One Class. The class will be given if the trainee accepts the change, or canceled without charge should the trainee not accept the change.
  3. Customized Classes
    If trainees need to book classes within 2 days, or require classes to meet their individual schedules, they will book Customized Classes. Trainees can select any time to start their classes within the time frame of 08:00 to 21:00. Each class is still 50 minutes in length.

    Trainees should send applications to the TLI office utilizing the student platform. No Customized Class will be valid until confirmed and teachers are appointed by the TLI office. Once the TLI office has accepted applications and arranged classes, trainees will be required to pay the additional service fees. If trainees do not see the confirmed Customized Classes in “My Registered Classes”, the Customized Class is not viable.

    Please note

    1.To guarantee teaching quality, TLI has a limit with regards to the number of trainees who can book classes in the same period. TLI will assign classrooms according to the number of applicants. If classrooms are not available during TLI’s business hours, this may indicate that all classrooms have already been booked. A trainee can then select another time, and can continue to search for a convenient time – until the selection is successful. During this step, a trainee can also request assistance from TLI staff.
    If a trainee insists on booking a class for a certain study period and the TLI Online System cannot complete the booking, the trainee should contact the TLI-China Online office.

    2. A trainee cannot book classes before the TLI office has confirmed that tuition fees have been received and that the balance of a student account is sufficient for a time unit.
Cancellation of Classes
All booked classes cannot be cancelled. They can, however, be rescheduled. With regards to the process to be followed, please refer to "Rescheduling Classes".
Rescheduling classes
Once the schedule for classes has been set, classes cannot be cancelled, but can be rescheduled. Additionally, rescheduling should comply with the following two provisions:
  1. If trainees wish to reschedule classes three days in advance, trainees can accomplish this through the platform systems, with no extra fees involved for the rescheduling.
  2. If trainees reschedule within two days in advance, trainees cannot utilize the platform systems, but should contact TLI-China Online to ask staff to reschedule, and are required to pay for this rescheduling service.

    Please see standard service fees below:
    Service charges for booking a class, rescheduling a class within two days, and customizing a class

    48 - 24 hours 24 - 2 hours Within 2 hours Customize class
    2 USD per class 3 USD per class 5 USD per class 5 USD per class


  3. If a trainee does not inform the office of his delay or absence: by default, the office assumes that a trainee will show up in the classroom on time. If there is an absence or delay without notification, a class will be charged as normal.
Provisions for Teaching Time
TLI online classroom systems have a strict designation of 50 minutes per class with an interval of 10 minutes between two classes. Any lateness upon the part of teachers or trainees, or any prolonging of classes for longer than 10 minutes, will affect the next class. To ensure successful management of classes, TLI has strict rules with regards to lack of punctuality or the prolonging of classes:
  1. The system allows trainees and teachers to enter the classroom only 10 minutes before classes. Entrance shall be denied if it is attempted earlier.
  2. A class set at 50 minutes can only be prolonged by 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, the system will automatically shut down the classroom.
  3. If a trainee is late by 10 minutes or more, he or she may apply to prolong the class, and the TLI office can prolong the class after the teacher and TLI office staff accepts the trainee's application. However, the TLI office will charge extra service fees of $5 for the service, as it is then a Customized Class.
  4. If teachers or trainees, for whatever reason (including forgetting of appointments, network failure, computer failure, or power failure), are not online within 10 minutes of the starting time, they will be considered as late.

    A teacher is expected to make up for lost time in full if the teacher is late for no more than 10 minutes. If a teacher is late for more than 10 minutes, not only will the teacher make up the class for 10 minutes, but furthermore, that particular class will be charged at only 50% of the rate, and the TLI-China Online office will refund 50% of that one class fee into the student’s class account after determining the circumstances. The trainee retains the right to make a complaint and to demand replacement of the teacher. If a trainee is late, teachers shall not make up for the lesson and the class will not be prolonged.
  5. Should a teacher or trainee, for whatever circumstances (including forgetting an appointment, network failure, computer failure, or power failure), not be online within 20 minutes after the starting time, and without notifying the other party by phone in advance, the occurrence will be defined as truancy. If the teacher is absent, the TLI-China Online office will refund one class fee into the student’s class account. Furthermore, the TLI-China Online office will compensate by adding one more class unit into the student’s account. If trainees are absent, the system will automatically deduct fees as per normal.
Class Malfunctions
During the class period, if any delay occurs from the teacher’s side, for any reason (including network breakdown, computer breakdown, or power failure), teachers will make up for the lost time of up to 10 minutes. If the delay is longer than 10 minutes, the teacher will make up a full class time of one session; if a similar situation occurs from the trainee's side, the class shall be treated as normal in terms of tuition fees – there will be no refund, nor a make-up-lesson for the missed class.

Validity Period and the Extendable Charge
  1. The period of validity begins from the date on which a teacher is assigned and the class scheduled. Prepaid cards (Course Cards) units will be valid for a period of 3 months.
  2. After the valid date, students can still use the remaining classes but will need to pay an additional fee of $22 per month. This additional fee will be deducted directly from a trainee's student account.
Trial Classes and Refunding
TLI-China Online Implements a 7-day-trial system.
  1. Within the trial period: the period from the starting date up to and including the 7th day, is defined as a trial period. Within the trial period, if trainees are in any way dissatisfied with classes purchased, they can e-mail the TLI office to provide reasons and have the right to require TLI-China Online to refund all remaining tuition fees, excluding enrollment fees and costs for classes already taken.
  2. After the trial period: the trainees will receive no refunds.
Tuition adjustments
Tuition fees are expected to be paid in accordance with the original standard of charges if they are within the valid time period. However, if adjustments are made after the end of the period of validity, charges will be implemented according to the new standards.

Special notes:
With regards to the provisos of this agreement, teachers' acts are regarded as acts of TLI-China Online, who should assume the corresponding economic responsibility to trainees; teachers should not assume economic responsibility to trainees directly, and vice versa.
If exceptional circumstances warrant special treatment, trainees must apply to TLI-China Online in advance, and the application's request will not be valid until written consent from TLI-China Online has been granted (via e-mail.). This provision can also be applied to other aspects of the agreement.

Solemn Declaration:
Please read the service agreement before classes start in accordance to the terms given above; once classes have commenced, it is assumed that a trainee is clear with regards to these terms, and that the trainee has accepted the above agreement in its entirety.

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