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  TLI, a top professional Chinese language school, has been setting up branch schools in Taipei, Gaoxiong, Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Tianjing, Dalian and Guangzhou which are the most prosperous cities in China and Taiwan. Professionalism, Friendliness and Effectiveness are the guidelines of our service, which will help you achieve your goals more swiftly.

To benefit trainees of all kinds, every TLI center will now offer two options – face-to-face or online teaching. TLI learners can enjoy studying Chinese in a real classroom while additionally receiving priority status for use of the e-classroom, an internet service which can be utilized to complete unfinished courses or, after students have returned to their home countries, to study at the next level. To benefit its internet trainees, TLI extends a welcome to all registered TLI-China Online participants to join intensive study tours (each a few weeks in length) held by various centers in China. These tours, in several major cities, allow students to experience total immersion as they study and visit beautiful scenic spots. This is indeed a most thrilling opportunity for students to supplement their online studies with a total immersion experience. TLI has been set up in order to create a genuine environment for language learning. Different kinds of activities including Chinese Corner, Handicrafts, Chinese Culture and Sight-seeing, etc., provide more chances for students to not only learn the language but also understand Chinese culture and traditions and even the essence of our country.


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