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[TLI Shenzhen Campus Opening]

The newly established TLI Shenzhen campus will contribute to the success of TLI with leading senior teacher Lin Ling, who brings over ten years of experience teaching Chinese as a foreign language. TLI Shenzhen focuses on a student-centered teaching philosophy that strives to meet the individual needs and goals of all students.

The TLI Shenzhen branch will implement the highest quality of training and supervision system as devised by the TLI brand. Course structure will include individual one-on-one training, school-based teaching, small group classes, and live online curriculum. In addition to learning the language, students can also experience and enjoy the colorful traditional Chinese culture and customs. Cultural classes will offer rich experiences through programs in calligraphy, Chinese ink painting, tea, Tai Qi, Chinese cooking, Peking Opera, Kunqu, and fieldtrips to historic monuments.

The TLI Shenzhen branch provides a comfortable learning environment, with a number of modern multi-purpose classrooms used for a full-range of class options including traditional modes as well as diverse platforms supporting new modes of learning. Students will select from personalized courses, business focused courses, HSK exam preparation, and professional language training courses. TLI Shenzhen will respond to student needs and keep up-to-date curriculum in order to achieve the best results. Collectively, TLI Shenzhen aims to provide world-class, personalized foreign language training and promote TLI’s mission of Chinese language and cultural exchange in the development of a multi-cultural world.

The TLI Shenzhen campus is located in the beautiful coastal city of Shekou. The convenient location is east of the Shenzhen Bay, west of the Pearl River mouth. The unique geographical position is close to the Shekou Ferry Terminal and Harbour Bridge within close proximity to Hong Kong, Macao, and the inland.

TLI Shenzhen Branch

Address: 1209A, Ming Wah International Convention Center, GuiShan Road, Shekou, Nanshan, Shenzhen  

Tel: +86 13714774816



By Metro: Metro SheKou Line (line 2), Seaworld Station D Exit

By Bus:

l   70, Ming Wah Station

l   113, 328, 329, k113, airport line 10, Haiyang Dasha Station

l   204, 226, 233, 331, 332, b816, j1, k105, k204, m371, m400, m409, m430, n1, n4, Seaworld Station

l   M205, 331, Xin Shi Dai Plaza Station

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